Cranfield has been at the forefront of aerospace technology for 70 years. Our education, research and consultancy is enhanced by our world-class facilities including the National Flying Laboratory Centre (NFLC) – a unique national asset which provides a hands-on flying experience, along with flight deck simulators and industrial-scale gas turbine engine test facilities used for performance and diagnostic studies.

We have a rich heritage in aerospace, and it is upon this heritage that we are looking to the future

You may have flown on a Jetsteam as part of your studies or perhaps you know someone who did.

The Jetstream 31 has served us well for nearly 15 years, but it is no longer operated in the UK (except at Cranfield and by a handful of small European airlines) and support for it has become challenging.

The time has come for a new aircraft that will enable us to continue to deliver world-class aerospace education and research.

With your support, we have been able to purchase a Saab 340B aircraft, and with your continued support, we aim to modify it for its new use as a flying laboratory and classroom in time for early 2021.

Help tomorrow’s aerospace leaders benefit from a unique education and support Cranfield’s ambition to stay at the forefront of aerospace technology.

Being larger than the Jetstream 31, the Saab 340B will allow us to conduct teaching and research with minimum reconfiguration. Students will be able to undertake flight test engineer roles and experience a range of in-flight sensations. Modifying the SAAB 340B aircraft will also grant us new and innovative research capabilities.

The National Flying Laboratory Centre historically received government funding, but this has been withdrawn over the past few years. Through this campaign our alumni and friends now have the opportunity to help fund the necessary equipment and surrounding infrastructure that will enhance the student NFLC experience, so that future generations of students and researchers can benefit.