Find out what previous European Partnership Programme students have thought about our courses and Cranfield University as a whole.

Choosing to study abroad is an important and sometimes difficult decision to make. To help provide you with further information about our courses and what it's like to study at Cranfield, some of our previous EPP students have provided feedback for the courses they've studied. Below you can find an A-Z list of our courses and related feedback.  

MSc Advanced Materials

MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Name: Esteban

MSc Aerospace Vehicle Design

Name: Dariusz 

Name: Elodie 

MSc Astronautics and Space Engineering

Name: Aurélien

MSc Autonomous Vehicle Dynamics and Control

MSc Community Water Sanitation

Name: Lucas

MSc Computational and Software Techniques in Engineering

Name: Jakub

MSc Energy Systems and Thermal Processes

MSc Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems

Name: Florent

Name: Gustavo

Name: Pablo

MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Name: Lorelei

MSc Manufacturing Consultancy

MSc Process System Engineering

MSc Thermal Power

Name: Jean

Name: Taieb