This is the fifth year Cranfield University has reported on our Gender Pay Gap1 and it is my first as Chief Executive and Vice-Chancellor.

This report covers the period from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021 and highlights the percentage difference between the average hourly earnings of men and women across the University.

The mean pay gap is 22.2%, a small reduction from 22.6% in 2020. The median pay gap is 18.7%, reducing from 19.5% in 2020.

While the direction of travel is positive, the pace of change is not fast enough. I am very determined that we will make more rapid progress in closing the gap in future years.

I want us to be bolder in how we address the pay gap, particularly the gender imbalance at the most senior levels of the University.  

Later this year, we will be publishing the University’s new corporate plan, which will set out our vision for how we want to progress and what we want to be known for.  Our people are at the heart of the strategy, and we want to make sure we establish and promote an inclusive culture where our people can thrive.

We will need to be ambitious to ensure we have a meaningful impact. We know that the composition of our workforce and the specialist nature of our STEM-focused research influences our pay gap but that is even more reason for us to re-double our efforts and to accelerate change.

I want Cranfield to be recognised and celebrated as a university with diverse, high-performing and world-class talent.

Professor Karen Holford CBE FREng, Vice-Chancellor

1 Prepared in accordance with our duty under the Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties and Public Authorities) Regulations 2017 and the associated ACAS guidance “Managing Gender Pay Reporting”.