Account” means your Student Account which records all Invoices issued to you by Us, together with all payments made by You or on Your behalf by a third party.

Category” means any one of the three categories that We process Invoices under, namely Tuition Fees, Accommodation and Other.

Invoice” means any charge We make to Your Account for goods or services We provide You.

We or Us” means Cranfield University.

You or Your” means the person whose invoice and payment records are held on the Account.

  • All payments to Your Account must be made in pounds sterling.
  • Payments to Your Account may be made in cash or by debit or credit card by You or a third party on Your behalf.
  • Payments to Your Account can either be allocated by You to one or more specific Invoices or paid into a Category without specifying an Invoice. If an Invoice is not specified when payment is made, We will always allocate the payment to the oldest Invoice or Invoices within the Category to which the payment was made.
  • To help You keep track of Your Account, We will send you or make available to You electronically, a statement of Account.
  • In accordance with United Kingdom money laundering regulations, in the event that We need to refund any debit or credit card payment, either in whole or in part, We will only do so to the holder of the card that made the payment.

Document reference 26 February 2013
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