Travel plan

Since we published our 2012-2017 travel plan we have been keeping a year-on-year record of staff and students using different transport methods to get to campus. We kept a total record of the total percentage of people commuting by single car occupancy; our aim is to reduce this.

Since 2012, we have reduced single car occupancy from 70% to 59%.

Key performance indicators

Year 2012 2014 2016 2018
Lone driver car use 70% 58% 59% 59%

We have now published the 2018-23 travel plan, built using the data taken from the travel survey we conducted in April 2018.

New UNO buses
Cranfield's UNO buses serve Milton Keynes, Bedford and Cranfield campus

UNO bus service at Cranfield

We subsidise the Cranfield Connect bus service which runs between Bedford and Milton Keynes via the campus and local villages. This service can be used by members of the public as well as staff, students and visitors.

Cycling at Cranfield

Over 300 cycle hoops and four cycle shelters are available on the Cranfield campus. There is a shared cycle and walking path connecting the Cranfield campus with the south side of Cranfield village which was made possible thanks to joint funding from the University, Sustrans, Central Bedfordshire Council and the Cranfield Parish Council. The route is approximately a 10-minute cycle and 20-minute walk from the campus to the village and links into the Sustrans National cycle route no51.

All cyclists who are parking their bicycle on campus need to register with security. They also must follow the Highway Code.

Car sharing

We run a car share scheme through the Liftshare website. Since its inception, over 200 individuals have signed up to the scheme and over 80 car share groups have been formally registered.