A dedicated Energy and Environment Team facilitates the delivery of the energy and environment objectives and reports progress to the Board of Energy and Environment (BEE) on a regular basis.

View environmental governance at Cranfield as depicted in the Annual Environmental Report.

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In 2013, our Cranfield campus was awarded certification to the International Environmental Management System Standard ISO 14001.  This environmental management system provides the framework for setting and achieving the university's environmental objectives: managing and reducing the impact of our environmental incidents to prevent pollution and ensuring we are compliant with applicable environmental legislation and other key requirements. EMS certification has now been extended to include Cranfield Defence and Security.

Meet the BEE

The BEE consists of senior managers from across the University and is chaired by Professor Leon Terry. Full terms of reference are available to view. 

BEE working groups

Currently there are 5 working groups reporting to BEE which meet on a bi-monthly basis to review progress and set actions on Biodiversity; Carbon Management; FairTrade; ISO 14001 and Waste Management.

BEE minutes

The BEE team meets at least quarterly to assess environmental performance, track progress against environmental objectives and monitor and plan requirements as part of ISO 14001. Minutes of these meetings are publicly available.

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