Cranfield University's mission is to be an exclusively postgraduate university that is a global leader for education and transformational research in technology and management.

In achieving this mission Cranfield's Defence and Security theme is looking to actively engage with the wider policy community by partnering with organisations that can benefit from our unique knowledge, experience and skills.

Defence and Security are sectors of great complexity where political, technical, organisational and other areas of human activity interact in a dynamic, and often confusing, way.

Defence and Security staff at Cranfield have decades of experience of operating in this domain. Spread over two campuses - Cranfield University at Shrivenham is on a secure military station and the more conventional Bedfordshire campus, our academic experts specialise in the management and development of military technology, and the contexts within which it is used.

We aim to work with partners in government departments, other academic organisations, think-tanks and industry to develop a better understanding of the key policy issues affecting defence and security, in the UK and globally. Linking this understanding to other domains and policy issues will help provide a robust basis for the right decisions to be made for the future

We proactively seek to achieve this by:

  • Working together as one team to develop effective ways of identifying key issues, informing ongoing policy debates and answering the urgent needs of decision makers
  • Maintaining an open partnership structure that allows us to access the best policy specialists at all levels, while ensuring the best people in Cranfield are participating and enriching policy discussions
  • Having a focus on the main policy issues of the day, while ensuring we understand the wider context which shapes them
  • Engaging inclusively with stakeholders inside and outside defence and security, whether in government, the services, industry, academia and the public at large.