• Job title Student
  • Organisation Cranfield University
  • CourseInnovation and Creativity in Industry MDes, 2014 , 2014

Why did you choose Cranfield?

I chose to study for a postgraduate degree at Cranfield University, as the course I am studying integrates creativity, design thinking and business skills. I was excited by the combination of all of these areas into a single Master’s course.

What was your experience?

I am thoroughly enjoying my time at Cranfield. The cosmopolitan mix of students from all over the world has allowed me to meet people and make friends from all corners of the globe. The coursework has been engaging and challenging and the involvement of industry has been beyond anything I expected. All in all, coming to Cranfield has been a great decision.

Aside from the design thinking, management and engineering skills developed during the taught modules, the course has given me the opportunity to develop critical soft skills. Working with an international team of students during the group project was an exercise in teamwork and project management and I have given more presentations in the last 6 months than there are weeks in a year! The group project was sponsored by Cisco Systems and involved working closer with a consortium including Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, Thales and Granta Design. It was a great opportunity to work closely with industry on a real world project. It was an extremely intense and challenging three months, but worth every effort. I was awarded a Schmidt-MacArthur Fellowship by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to conduct research into the Circular Economy. The focus of my project will be the development of innovative business models for the fast-moving consumer goods industry. I will be working with companies including Unilever, Coca-Cola and SAB Miller during the course of the project.

I would recommend the course as the Cranfield experience is not something that I believe many other universities offer. The focus on industry means that the course is highly relevant to industry, increasing career prospects and enriching the experience. For any future students considering postgraduate study, my advice would be to choose a course that you know you will enjoy, rather than what will simply look good on a CV. Postgraduate study is challenging and it is far easier if you are excited by the work you are doing.

As a direct result of one of the course modules, Creative Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (which involved developing a business plan for a new venture), my group is pursuing taking our idea for a garden sharing scheme (named Cuckoo Land) further.