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Dr Maurizio Collu holds a BSc and MSc (Hons 1st) in Aerospace Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and a PhD in Dynamics of Marine Vehicles with Aerodynamic Surfaces from Cranfield University. In 2008, he was Research Fellow in Cranfield University, carrying on his research on high speed marine vehicles with aerodynamic surfaces, and he expanded his expertise into offshore hydromechanics applied to floating offshore structures. He was Deputy Director of the Advanced Mechanical Engineering MSc course from 2009 to 2010, and in 2010 he became a Lecturer and Course Director of the AME MSc.

Current activities

  • Internationally leading expert in offshore floating wind systems, focusing on their design and on their coupled dynamics modelling - currently managing 1.1m£ worth of research in this area.
  • Maurizio leads one of the five EPSRC Joint UK-China Offshore Renewable Energy flagship projects, INNO-MPP, amongst other offshore renewable energy project funded by the UK research council and the EU.
  • He is Co-Investigator and Work Package leader in a prestigious 3 year EPSRC project HOME-Offshore, which focuses on merging Artificial Intelligence, Robotic inspection and Advanced Physics Modelling to lower the cost of offshore wind farm maintenance.
  • He has led the major MSc programmes in Offshore Eng. and in Advanced Mechanical Eng., and he is a major contributor to the Renewable Energy Marine Structures (REMS) Centre for Doctoral Training.
  • He sits on several international committees, including the ITTC Specialist Committee on Hydrodynamic Modelling of Marine Renewable Energy Devices, the Maritime Innovation Committee of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA), and the OMAE Ocean Renewable Energy technical committee.
He had been in charge of the conceptual design of the floating support structure in the £2.8m ETI funded project NOVA, and coordinated the development of a coupled model of dynamics for floating wind turbines for the EU funded FP7 project H2Ocean.
He regularly presents his work at international seminar and peer-reviewed conferences on the topic (OMAE, EWEA, ISOPE).  Maurizio sits in the OMAE Ocean Renewable Energy technical committee since 2012.
He regularly publishes on the topic on international, peer-reviewed journals, and is reviewer for a number of ocean engineering and energy international journals.
Maurizio is also leading the conceptual and preliminary design of aerodynamically alleviated marine vehicles (AAMV), a research area for which he has been awarded the prestigious RINA “Calder Prize” for his work in this field, and in which he published on the Royal Society Proc A journal (doi:10.1098/rspa.2009.0459).
He worked as Principal Investigator and Project Manager for an industry funded project on the conceptual/ preliminary design of an AAMV, and patented a novel trim control mechanism for high speed marine vehicles (Patent GB2472266).


  • ETI
  • EU FP7
  • High speed marine vehicles start-up companies.
  • Renewable energy start-up companies
  • TSB (Innovate UK)
  • D'Appolonia


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