Queen's Anniversary Award 2015 and 2017

LandIS, the Land Information System, is a substantial environmental information system operated by Cranfield University, UK, designed to contain soil and soil-related information for England and Wales including spatial mapping of soils at a variety of scales, as well as corresponding soil property and agro-climatological data. LandIS is the largest system of its kind in Europe and is recognised by UK Government as the definitive source of national soils information.

First commenced in the 1970's, Cranfield University's Land Information System (LandIS) has provided the basis and repository for holding the digital representation of the soils information collected for England and Wales over the past 60-70+ years. This soil portal provides you with a range of means to access this information. Cranfield is recognised by Defra as providing the National Reference Centre for Soils, and we apply the information and knowledge encapsulated in LandIS to address the broad range of application areas outlined on this website.

Cranfield University is delighted to announce that, for the fifth time in its history, it has been the proud recipient of a prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize, in recognition of research and education in large-scale soil and environmental data for the sustainable use of natural resources in the UK and worldwide.