The Hingston Scholarship is available to UK-born students for postgraduate master's study, in the area of manufacturing. The award is between £5,000 and £10,000 toward tuition fees. The amount will be decided by the award panel.

The Hingston Scholarship was established in 2018 with a generous gift from John and Jenny Hingston. John Hingston graduated in 1968 with an MSc Industrial Engineering and Administration. John feels a strong sense of gratitude for the opportunities that he benefitted from at Cranfield at the time, and the purpose of The Hingston Scholarship is to assist others to benefit in the same way. The Scholarship contributes towards the tuition fee of study for UK-born applicants on Full-Time Manufacturing- or Engineering-related Masters Programmes at Cranfield University.

At a glance

  • Funding valueBetween £5,000 and £10,000 toward tuition fees
  • Suitable for Applicants fromUK
  • Deadline24 Jun 2022
  • Funding provider(s)Mr John Hingston (MSc Industrial Engineering and Administration, 1968)

What it covers

The scholarship contributes towards the tuition fee for a Cranfield Manufacturing master's course. The award amount is between £5,000 and £10,000, to be decided by the award panel.

Who can apply

The scholarships are only open to applicants born in the UK.

How to apply

You should submit an application for one of the eligible courses. Application links are available on the course pages, which are linked to above. Your online application will form part of our evaluation of your academic achievement. We will send you your six-digit student ID once we have received and processed your application form.

Applications to the Hingston Scholarship should be made online using the link below. The online form is the only means of applying and you must also submit a Justification for Support statement no more than 1000 words. There is no pre-defined format for the Justification for Support statement and you are encouraged to prepare this to best reflect your personality. Shortlisted candidates may be invited to a video interview.

The Justification for Support will be evaluated based on:

  • Academic achievement;
  • Evidence of leadership potential;
  • Significance of the award to your career;
  • Communication ability.

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