Cranfield Manufacturing and Materials is following an ambitious strategy by developing a roadmap for a Sustainable Manufacturing Sector for 2050. The aim is to apply fundamental science and thought leadership via conceiving and maturing the concepts of Smart, Clean and Green manufacturing solutions agnostically across all industry sectors and through all tiers of the supply chain with SMEs as well as OEMs. This strategy will support the national aspiration of Net Zero UK by 2050 and Global Climate challenges.

We offer world class and niche postgraduate level research, education, training and consultancy. We are unique in our multi-disciplinary approach, bringing together design, materials’ technology and management expertise. We link fundamental materials research with manufacturing to develop novel technologies and improve the science base of the manufacturing research.

Our capabilities are unique, focusing on advanced materials, simulation and modelling, and systems for sustainability. They include work in augmented and virtual reality, digital engineering, additive manufacturing, non-destructive testing, composite manufacture, nano-materials (graphene, coatings and sensors), thermal barrier coatings, metallic glasses and low energy casting.

We work with numerous businesses and governments around the world. Through our industry connections guest lecturers, often senior managers in leading companies, provide insight into current industry challenges. Many industry contacts actively recruit our graduates.

Our excellence in manufacturing education and training is recognised by professional institutions within the manufacturing and materials  sectors, including: