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Yunlin holds a BA in Mathematics (University of Oxford), a MSc in Finance (University of St Andrews) and a MSc in Finance and Management (Cranfield School of Management). She has interned at several banks and financial institutions and develops her interest in non-market (political) strategies in emerging economies. Her current research focuses on the relationship between political strategies and M&A outcomes. She has a range of interests in music (piano, dancing and choir), travel and sports (badminton and swimming). Yunlin currently serves as VP at Cranfield Chinese Society.

Research opportunity

Primary supervisor: Dr Imran Zawwar
​Secondary supervisor: ​ Professor Mark Jenkins

How do corporate political strategies impact M&A outcomes in emerging economies?

Political strategy has long been a key non-market strategy that firms have used to gain competitive advantage to better position themselves in the rapid changing environment. Several scholars point out that it has not only gained prominence in practice but also in research as firms use political strategy to influence government policy, shape their regulatory space, and drive their performance. However, current literature mostly focuses on Western and developed countries and these results are not applicable to most emerging countries due to different institutional and legal systems. My research goal is to investigate the impact of political strategies in the emerging economies such as China, Malaysia and India, especially in the events of M&As.

​Sector:​ Emerging and developing economies

​Research methods:​ Quantitative

Why I chose Cranfield: Cranfield is well-renowned for its tradition and world-class academic professionals in the Strategy field. The privilege to work with my supervisor and world-leading community as well as Cranfield’s rigorous doctoral training are the main reasons I decided to pursue my doctoral studies at Cranfield.