Areas of expertise

Action, Execution and Implementation


Richard holds a BA in Law, an MA in Criminology and an MSc in Organisational Psychology.  He was head of business planning and organisational performance management for Barnardo’s, the UK children’s charity for three years. Prior to that he has worked as a Director of Quality for a large UK NGO; undertaken several years consultancy in the public and voluntary sector on quality and performance management; managed a grant fund for the voluntary sector on behalf of the UK government; been Chief Executive of the Child Psychotherapy Trust; and project managed development projects in local government relevant to social care, crime and policing.

Research opportunity

Primary supervisor: Professor Mike Bourne

Organisational performance management maturity in third sector organisations and approaches to understanding and managing organisational performance.

Sector: Third sector/NGOs

Why I chose Cranfield: I was attracted by Cranfield’s reputation for work on organisational performance management which I was already familiar with through my membership of the public sector performance management round table. I was fortunate to win a fully funded scholarship supported by the Cranfield Trust to undertake a PhD in third sector performance management.


  • McEwen J., Shoesmith M. and Allen R. (2010); “Embedding outcomes recording in Barnardo’s Performance Management Approach” in the International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Vol. 59, No.6 p. 586.