Taking Stock – Key Lessons from the Webinar Series in April – BGP Response Programme Workshop

Since the 26th March, we have run 15 free webinars as part of the BGP Response Programme. Across the series, we have been joined by 1293 participants.

As a result, we have gained a lot of useful and actionable advice from our expert community. In this session, we will be summarising this advice into bitesize pieces of information. We will also be reflecting on why we started the BGP Response Programme and evaluating how we have delivered a purpose in this "Survival" phase.

Dr Stephanie Hussels and Sabrina Sommer will take stock, identifying the key lessons that will be relevant for the upcoming weeks and months.

We will summarise what you need to know about:

  • Managing your (virtual) team
  • How to manage meetings effectively- How to communicate and sell in the uncertain times
  • What is important in terms of cash-flow management and employee management
  • And much more...

  • Asking questions

    You will be able to ask questions and provide feedback throughout using Slido. You can access Slido by:

    You will be able to ask questions which we will approve. You can also up vote questions so we can identify the most burning questions. At the end of the webinar, please provide feedback using the ‘polls’ tab.