Create a Structure For Success: Develop a right-sized Accountability Chart - A webinar as part of the BGP Response Programme

Cranfield's three-phased programme of activities to help owner-managers of SMEs face the specific business challenges of the COVID-19 crisis and to help them get their businesses ready for the bounce back.

The BGP Response Team is presenting this webinar in collaboration with John Morris, EOS Implementer, Vistage Chair and co-chair of the People, Talent & Leadership Committee at the ScaleUp Institute to provide our SME community with timely and relevant information to understand how to react to these unprecedented times. 

About this event

John will help you to establishing the new/right structure to move your business forward in the next six to 12 months. This webinar will help you to:

  1. Create clarity in your business, not power and hierarchy.
  2. Implement the right structure first, people second.
  3. Identify the 5 critical roles that you need each person in your business to be great at everyday.

Your questions answered

Participants will also be invited to engage in Q&A session.

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