Taking Stock – How COVID-19 has impacted my business – BGP Response Programme Workshop

'Re-inventing my business model now and planning for the bounce forward phase later'.

Let’s hear from the entrepreneurs. How have businesses managed to adapt to the unprecedented times? How have they used key principles that could be applied to your business?

We are looking forward to hearing from a wide range of businesses. In this session, we hope to learn how to move forward into the next phase of this crisis.

Asking questions

You will be able to ask questions and provide feedback throughout using Slido. You can access Slido by:

You will be able to ask questions which we will approve. You can also up vote questions so we can identify the most burning questions. At the end of the webinar, please provide feedback using the ‘polls’ tab.

You can find more information about the BGP Response Programme and sign up for future activities at www.bgpresponseprogramme.co.uk