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Prior to joining Cranfield, he held a principal lectureship at the University of Bedfordshire, where he played a major role in developing the business school’s graduate programmes portfolio. He was also instrumental in setting up the research agenda for the Centre for Women’s Enterprise, with a focus on the growth and development of women-owned enterprises in the UK, Pakistan, and other Asian and Islamic countries. His innovative research and capacity building pedagogies in the field of entrepreneurship have been recognised, acknowledged and appreciated globally. Some of his awards include:  

  • International Council for Small Business World Conference Best Papaer Award, 2015
  • ICSB/GIWE/IJGE/CWEL Best Paper Award, 2013 
  • Emerald Literati Network Outstanding Reviewer Excellence Award, 2013
  • NCEE European Entrepreneurship Educators (3ep) Fellowship Award, 2012
  • Emerald Literati Network Highly Commended Paper Excellence Award, 2011
  • ICSB/NWBC/IJGE Best Paper Award on Women's Entrepreneurship, 2009
  • University of Bedfordshire Commitment Awards for 2008 and 2009
  • University of Bedfordshire Dean's Prize for Research, 2008-09
  • NCGE Entrepreneurship Educators Fellowship Award, 2008
  • Prowess UK Women's Enterprise Researcher of Year – 2008 (Finalist)
  • Prowess & Lloyds TSB Innovator Award in Women's Enterprise Development, 2007
  • Government of the UK Research Scholar, 2005
  • University of London-Thomas Holloway Scholar, 2004
  • World Bank/Joint Japan Graduate Scholar, 2003
  • Reinhard Mohn Fellowship Award (Bertelsmann AG), 2002-03
  • Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) Fellowship Award, 2001

Current activities

Dr Muhammad Azam Roomi has successfully completed a variety of research and teaching/training assignments for the establishment and development of entrepreneurial ventures at international level. 


Dr Roomi has acted as a consultant to a number of national governments including the UK, Qatar, Honduras, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Germany; multi-lateral agencies such as the United Nations, Asian Development Bank, European Union Higher Education Social Fund, ILO, and UN-APCTT; and private organisations such as CIPE Int., LEAD Int., and Bertelsmann AG. 


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

  • Humbert AL & Roomi MA (2016) Motivations among women social entrepreneurs in 10 European countries and their relationship to economic and social measures of success (Highly Commended Paper, Gender and Enterprise track). In: Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference 2016, Paris, 27-28 October 2016.
  • Roomi MA, Bhatt P & Waligo V (2014) ICT Enabled Mentoring of Women Entrepreneurs in Emerging Economies: Challenges and Prospects. In: 8th Gender, Work and Organisation Biennial International Interdisciplinary Conference, Keele, 24-26 June 2014.
  • Roomi MA (2013) Her Family, Household and Entrepreneurial Venture: Using a Life Course Perspective to Make Sense of the Work-Life Choices of Pakistani Women Entrepreneurs. In: ICSB 2013 : The 58th Annual ICSB World Conference, Ponce, 20 June 2013.
  • Roomi MA (2012) Transforming Contacts into Resources: The Effect of Women Entrepreneurs' Human Capital on Building and Using Social Capital for Enterprise Growth. In: ICSB 2012 : The 57th Annual ICSB World Conference, Wellington, 10 June 2012.
  • Roomi MA (2011) A Contextual Analysis of Women's Entrepreneurial Activity in Pakistan: An Institutional Perspective. In: ISBE 2011: 34th Annual Conference, Sheffield, 9 November 2011.
  • Roomi MA (2010) Gender and Work Life Balance: A phenomenological Study of Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan. In: ISBE 2010: 33rd Annual Conference, London, 2 November 2010.
  • Roomi MA (2009) Entrepreneurial Capital, Social Values and Cultural Traditions: Growth of Women-owned Enterprises in Pakistan. In: 54th International Council for Small Business Conference, Seoul, 21 June 2009.
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  • Roomi MA (2005) Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan: Profile, Problems, and Policy Recommendations. In: 51st International Council for Small Business Conference, Washington, DC, 15 June 2005.


  • Roomi MA & Harrison P (2008) Impact of Women-only Entrepreneurship Training in Islamic Society. In: Women's Entrepreneurship and Social Capital: A Dialogue and Construction, Copenhagen: Copenhagen Business School Press, p. 225-254.
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