Typical participants on the Cranfield General Management Programme are aspiring managers responsible for organisational activities or functions, needing to broaden their business contribution or prepare for more senior roles.

Participants work within many types of organisations, sectors and regions.

Age: generally between 30-55; the average being 43. 

Company position:

senior position with specialist responsibilities for a key organisational activity, process or function seeking to add more value across the business. 

Managerial experience: at least 5 - 10 years in a functional/specialist role; but limited general management experience. 

Input to company strategy: function/specialist input to strategy development, but primary role is currently in implementation. 

Qualifications: none necessary other than managerial experience. 

Career prospects: In transition from a functional/specialist management perspective to exert much wider organisational influence, with the potential for a future general management role. 

Type of company:
Participants have come from many different organisations, including: 
Carlsberg  Guaranty Trust Bank 
BT Rathbones
Diageo Maersk
Air Astana Aluminium Bahrain
Precision CastParts Corp                            Ericsson

If you don’t appear to fit this profile it does not mean the programme is not right for you. Contact our Executive Development Team to discuss your particular circumstances, or to find out which alternative programme might be more appropriate for you.