The Cranfield Advanced Development Programme consists of three modules, each of a week-long duration, plus 3-month and 12-month progress review modules. 

Module 1: The Business Leadership Role

In this module, we give you a thorough understanding of the terrain of business leadership and how it differs from functional leadership. We focus on how to build effective competitive strategy and the integrated role of finance, marketing and operations. Personal development time is used to gain insight into the demands of strategic leadership and how to re-adjust the focus of your time to add greater value as a business leader. 

Module 2: Influencing the strategy-making process

In this module we look to understand the process of leadership influence. This begins with a live business project in which you will develop your capability to influence in a strategy-making context. We then focus on the processes of influence at senior levels; in executive teams, networks and relationships, and the challenge of working  constructively with organisational politics.

Module 3: Building a future orientated perspective 

This module focuses on building your ability to think in a future orientated way, reading the global business environment and analysing significant trends in strategic partnerships, supply chain management, corporate responsibility, innovation, and organisational design. A scenario development exercise enables you to identify a significant strategic project for your business which will form the basis of a robust business and personal action plan. Sessions on change management provide you with the capabilities to implement this plan effectively, along with your own career goals, back at work. 

Module 4: Progress review module

3 months after you complete Module 3 we invite you back to review the progress you have made against your action plans, and set new targets in light of your achievements to date.

Module 5: 12 month continuing development review module

To support your continuing development you return to Cranfield to reflect on the long-term impact of the programme, to gain insight into managing your personal development and to plan the next phase of your leadership career.