Typical participants on the Cranfield Advanced Development Programme are managers moving into a business leadership role. They work for many types of organisation in different sectors and countries. 

Age: generally between 30-45, the average being 39. 

Company position: responsibility in a significant managerial role. 

Managerial experience: significant practical experience and operational responsibility. 

Input to company strategy: high potential managers typically influencing business strategy through an Executive team member, but responsible for implementation and functional level strategy making. 

likely to be a graduate or professionally qualified, although this is not a prerequisite. 

Career prospects: individuals wishing to develop their potential for senior, strategic roles. 

Type of company: Participants have come from many different organisations, including: 

Johnson Matthey                                
Pfizer SAS Scandinavian Airlines
University of St Gallen United Drug
Virgin Atlantic Airways Royal Opera House

If you don’t fit the profile it doesn’t mean the Cranfield Advanced Development Programme is not the right choice for you. Contact our Executive Development Team to discuss your particular circumstances, or to find out if another programme might be more appropriate.