Recruiting from Cranfield offers organisations access to the best graduates from top-ranked programmes - and a broad range of other benefits too.

We provide a bespoke talent management service designed to support the long term business objectives of recruiting organisations. As a purely postgraduate university that invests heavily in career development, our graduates are more experienced and ready to hit the ground running.

Our postgraduate executive talent is available for recruitment globally and across multiple functions and sectors. We offer support and guidance on visa requirements and recruiters benefit from the lifelong development partnerships that all our students acquire when they come to Cranfield.

Our career development staff and facilities ensure that recruiting a Cranfield student is simple and stress free. Our team of talent management experts, careers service managers, associate coaches and occupational psychologists enable us to deliver any form of recruitment, from executive matching, one-to-one interviews and assessment centres.

We offer:

If you are interested in recruiting from Cranfield and wish to discuss any of these services, please call +44(0)1234 751122 and a member of our team will explore your options with you.

Alternatively, join our free online recruitment platform where you can post jobs to our students, assess CVs and manage applications directly.