As a Sponsor to a Cranfield University 75th Anniversary Fellow, your role will be crucial in supporting the Fellow’s development to establishing research independence. Applicants are encouraged to identify Cranfield Sponsors as part of their application process. Therefore, Cranfield academics may receive requests to act as a sponsor, which you are encouraged to consider.

As a Cranfield Sponsor, you will be expected to take on a mentoring role and support the Fellow by, for example, providing access to equipment and space that would be required for their research. You must be a permanent member of academic staff at Cranfield University. You are most likely a senior member of staff with significant experience as a Principal Investigator on research proposals.

Cranfield Sponsors are expected to provide the applicant with a letter of support (max. two pages), outlining:

  1. The applicant’s suitability for joining your research group;
  2.  How you will support the Fellow in developing their independent research career;
  3. Any relevant resources that would be available to the Fellow to support their research activity.

Where a Cranfield Sponsor has not yet been identified at the point of application, the Research and Innovation Office will endeavour to match the applicant to an appropriate sponsor and allocate accordingly as part of the selection process.

If you are interested in sponsoring an applicant to the scheme, you can also approach any potential high-quality applicants that you have identified and encourage them to apply.

If you have any questions about the 75th Anniversary Fellowship Scheme, you can contact the Research and Innovation Office on