The Flex-E-Plant (Flexible and Efficient Power Plant) project is focused on the four issues of plant efficiency, plant flexibility, fuel flexibility, and sustainability, and how these impact conventional power generation systems.

At a glance

Reducing CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050 requires a rapid growth in electricity generation from intermittent renewable energy sources. This places operational flexibility demands – varying power output to reflect demand – on conventional fossil fuel plant. Fuel flexibility (the ability to run on a range of fuels) and greater efficiency are also required if emissions are to be reduced.

The near £2 million Flex-E-Plant project was conceived to improve understanding of the complex relationship between plant efficiency, fuel flexibility, plant flexibility, component life and economic viability. It is addressing control and combustion processes, materials and coatings in higher temperature / aggressive environments, and modelling for system optimisation.

Further information

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