Cranfield University’s Professor of Manufacturing, Rajkumar Roy, says UK manufacturers could be global leaders in new sectors created from cross-sector collaboration and the innovative exploitation of technology.

Reacting to the British Chamber of Commerce’s Quarterly Economic Survey for Q4 2015 which revealed that the UK’s manufacturing sector was close to stagnation, Professor Roy said Britain led the world in cross-sector collaboration and in his view we should leverage this to create new manufacturing industries combining multi-sector research and knowledge.

Professor Roy said: “Cross-sector collaboration could combine thinking around issues common to a number of sectors, such as the degradation of complex engineering systems. It could also provide economic advantages through using technologies invented for one area and applying them in a different context.

“One example that could see significant development is medical devices using technology from materials science research, for instance sensor development in manufacturing and aerospace. 

“Another new area to consider is through-life engineering services: the support element of the design, make and support cycle of manufacturing. This is relevant for high value long-life products, and addresses issues like component obsolescence, self-repair materials, technologies and systems – common across sectors.

“We can create new businesses, new opportunities and lead the world in manufacturing.”

Professor Roy also calls for government help to make the UK a key destination for manufacturing companies by helping to enable a joined-up environment between the UK’s science base, catapults (centres designed to transform the UK's capability for innovation and help drive future economic growth)  and the small and medium enterprises which form a company’s supply chain.

For more details of Professor Roy’s blueprint for UK manufacturing, read his blog here:

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