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Areas of expertise

  • Test and Evaluation
  • Environmental Defence
  • Explosives and Munitions
  • Weapons Engineering


My background is firmly rooted in defence having worked for a number of years at Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) in the Weapons Operating Centre (WOC). I eventually left to further my education by undertaking a PhD at Cranfield University on the Shrivenham campus. My PhD focuses on the treatment of explosively contaminated water generated from the manufacture of munitions using novel methods. 

Current activities

I am currently actively researching  water treatment methods for emerging contaminants produced as part of the munitions making process. I am exploring how these methods can be made more sustainable and could potentially be applied to areas outside of defence. 

In addition to research I am currently lecturing on a suite of courses provided by Cranfield to defence including topics such as environmental compliance, sustainable acquisition and environmental management systems. I also provide some lectures to the Explosives Ordnance Engineering MSc and at every stage try to bring my current research into the classroom to ensure students receive the most up to date learning experience. 


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