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Areas of expertise

  • Design, Strategy & Innovation
  • Product and Service Design


Dynamic and creative with high proficiency in development and construction of novel concept designs for mechanical products and system architectures from ideation to prototyping, testing and validation. Holder of Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, and a Master in Design for Innovation and Creativity in Industry from Cranfield University, UK.

Accumulated 7+ years in professional work and project experiences across engineering design, production assembly industrialization and rapid prototyping. Previously employed as a Mechanical design engineer at BFG International, Bahrain, for the railway cabin assembly design and industrialization, and as a Product Design Engineer at Bits to Atoms sarl, Lebanon, in SLS 3D printing operations management and rapid prototyping design projects.

Currently completed a concept-design project for a novel ground mobility device for small-sized motored vehicles. The product, made for person/payload movement, boasts a unique mechanical architecture that brings high crawling capabilities, producing an escalator-like motion over man-made structures and obstacles. The proposed concept is proven, ranked in the Top-20 Innovations in Pan-Arab TV contest 'Stars of Science' season-12, and work on an advanced version is in progress. Target applications: micro-mobility, last-mile delivery, and teleoperation.

Research opportunities

MDes Individual Thesis at Cranfield University:

Materials Selection to Enhance Technological Competitiveness: Upon data collection from an industrial visit to an international white goods manufacturer in Latin America, a research direction through a technology-led approach was developed on sustaining a long-lasting valuation of users towards their owned products. This research described a succinct investigation and laboratorial experimentation of materials selection towards providing a new product offering into the market, to enhance its user perception and long-term experience.

MDes Group Project at Cranfield University:

Developing the Data Flow to Support Asset Availability at Intelligent Energy: Intelligent Energy Ltd. in Loughborough, UK, a technology research company in PEM fuel cells, utilizes test stations for operating accelerated stress testing methods and protocols for its fuel cell stack components and systems. Serving as a functional asset worth £M1.5, the project aims to monitor and increase the availability of business information pertaining to the test stations, by creating dashboards that will harvest operation, performance, and maintenance, data to increase the stations’ utilization.

Current activities

MSR DESIGN Work Title:

Design and Implementation of a Novel Economic Water-Saving Toilet Front-End Module



As global demand increases for preserving water resources and increasing accessibility to sanitation, this project presents a continuation to the research and development conducted at Cranfield University in tackling both sustainability challenges by developing off-grid toilet systems through reverse-innovation. The aim here is to design, construct, test and evaluate an advanced and industrial-ready toilet front-end module -as part of a comprehensive system- that enjoys minimal construction complexity and can achieve flushing, transfer and separation of human waste with fractional water consumption to those in conventional toilets, targeting single-user households in underserved communities among other user groups.

Objectives are: 1) setting the elements for an advanced mechanical architecture through systematic design thinking, to fulfil the new usage functional requirements and demonstrate improvements over previous front-end versions, 2) conducting laboratorial tests of the physical prototype, and establishing key performance indicators that are mainly based on ISO 30500 to measure performance in multiple functionality areas, and 3) evaluating the newly proposed design direction and presenting recommendations, in terms of performance and usability from test findings, as well as in meeting sustainability goals as a potential market product in terms of comprising components, selected materials and manufacturing processes.


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