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Areas of expertise

  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Aerospace Materials
  • Surface Engineering
  • Throughlife Engineering Services


I am currently a Research Fellow at Cranfield University for materials testing, modelling and process development which spans all high temperature applications of nickel alloys and through-life degradation assessment of aerospace mechanical components.

I have graduated as MEng in Aerospace Engineering at Kingston University London around 8 years ago. While undergraduate, spent two years at GE Aviation as intern in the aeroengine repair and overhaul engineering team working on root cause analysis (RCA) and new product introduction (NPI). After graduation I have move to Cranfield University as a researcher in the Manufacturing group conducting research on nickel alloys and laser processing. For the past seven years I have been actively involved with Rolls-Royce in a number of research projects including my PhD on laser processing of single-crystal nickel CMSX-4 superalloy. In general, my interest’s spans on the fundamental research approach to solve scientific an industrial problems.

Current activities

My current research interests focus on four topics: Surface integrity and performance of advanced manufacturing technologies; Corrosion in metals (corrosion-fatigue, stress corrosion cracking and hot corrosion); Surface coatings (bond coats and self-healing coatings) and Finite element modelling (residual stress, crack growth threshold).


Rolls-Royce Plc., MTU Aero-Engines, ITP Aero, Safran


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

  • Roy R, Mehen J, Tinsley L, Morar N, Redding L & Okoh C (2013) Characterisation of 'In-service' Feedback for System Design and Manufacture. In: 2nd Annual EPSRC Manufacturing the Future Conference, 2013, Cranfield, 17-18 September 2013.