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Areas of expertise

  • Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Conventional & Advanced Fuels
  • Energy and the Environment


I have worked about 12 years as lead process engineer in oil companies and I was the lead in a team of 12 junior/senior process engineers in 3 mega oil refinery projects (EPC cost more than 1 billion dollars). After years of occupation at industry, I had a feeling that I love research and also passion to engage academic conversations and challenges. Therefore I decide to study PhD and my thesis was combined hydrogen purification and carbon capture by cyclic adsorption methods in Steam Methane Reforming unit of refineries. My industrial background inspired me to build a PSA rig for hydrogen purification and then developed that rig to a VSA rig and used it for carbon capture. After PhD graduation, I got research fellow position at Cranfield University for a biogas upgrading project and we plan to upgrade the biogas to biomethane and for this project up to now we have built 3 rigs including static rig, dynamic rig and PSA rig. The Aspen Adsorption software will be used for validating experimental results. We want to use novel polymeric adsorbents for CO2 capture from biogas.

Research opportunities

Novel adsorbents development

Cyclic adsorption processes

Hydrogen production

Carbon capture

Current activities

Research Fellow at Cranfield University, Cranfield, UK

Leading project on Biogas Upgrading, including:

·         Design, procurement, construction and commissioning of 3 rigs for this project which first one was static rig for measuring isotherms and second rig was a dynamic rig for measuring the kinetic rate and final rig was a Pressure Swing Adsorption rig (PSA rig) which was used for biogas upgrading.

·         Characterization of new polymeric CO2 adsorbents for decarbonisation of biogas by SEM, BET, XRD, FTIR, TGA.

·         finding isotherm model for matching the isotherm data obtained by static isotherm rig

·         finding mass transfer coefficients based on experimental data obtained with dynamic rig

·         validating experimental results from PSA rig with the aid of Aspen Adsorption software

·         Development of novel biogas upgrading processes.

Contribution to M-level and D-level teaching and supervision:

·         Supervision of MSc students, group projects, contributing to supervision of PhD students.

Administrative responsibilities:  

·         Acting representative on behalf of PI for project meetings with monitoring boards.

Key achievements:

·         Preparation of three articles which the first one is a review paper about biogas upgrading technologies and second one is investigating the impurities effect on hydrogen purification by a VSA method and the last one is about characterization of new polymeric CO2 adsorbents for decarbonisation of biogas by SEM, BET, XRD, FTIR, TGA

·         Obtained Recognised Teacher Status.


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