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Areas of expertise

  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Systems
  • Vehicle Health Management


Wang conducted his undergraduate in mechanical engineering for his decent interests in mechanical principle and machinery world. He graduated with Dual Award Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology (with First Class Honour) at the University of Greenwich, UK, and the Yancheng Institute of Technology, China, a co-operative educational program host by Ministry of Education of PRC. Witnessing the first ever take-off of the COMAC-919, Wang generated the thought to gain detailed knowledge in the aviation field, and managed to achieve his Master of Aerospace Manufacturing at Cranfield University. He continue to pursue his PhD in Transport System and try his best to make an impact to the commercial aviation industry.

Current activities

Wang is carry out his PhD research activities with Digital Aviation and Research Technology Centre (DARTeC), School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing. He has a passion to understand the complexity in operations of aircraft's Flight Control Actuation System to help OEMs and MRO companies to conduct their work in efficient and realistic way without scarifying aviation safety redundancy. His PhD research focuses on understanding the failure characteristics of Electrical Actuation (EA) systems at system/subsystem/component level, establishing a Data-Driven Digital Twin (DT) framework to monitor EA operational and health status in real-time, and estimating Remaining Useful Life (RUL).


Conference Papers