Charlotte is a part time PhD student at Cranfield University under the supervision of Professor Andrew Shortland and Dr Karl Harrison studying burial archaeology at Haslar Hospital, Gosport.

Charlotte is an experienced archaeologist with experience of working on many different archaeological sites from a range of time periods. Currently she works as an Aerial Imagery Analyst working with Lidar, aerial photographs, satellite imagery and GIS to accurately identify and map assets from the air for archaeological, planning and legal applications. Charlotte hold Associate level accreditation (ACIfA) with the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA).

Charlotte graduated from Cardiff University with a BA in Archaeology completing modules that offered a breadth of knowledge in archaeology and ancient history. She also completed first year modules in English Literature and Italian Language. Her dissertation topic focused on the iconography of Romano-British mosaics.

Having piqued an interest in osteology at Cardiff, Charlotte chose to pursue an MSc at Cranfield University in Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology. Her Dissertation was entitled 'Cranial Non-Metric Traits of the Capuchin Mummies, Palermo, Sicily' under the supervision of Dr Nicholas Marquez-Grant and Dr Dario Piombino-Mascali.

Current activities

Charlotte is currently working on her PhD which is investigating the burial archaeology at The Royal Naval Hospital Haslar in the 18th and 19th centuries supervised by Professor Andrew Shortland and Dr Karl Harrison. She is also involved in numerous other projects within the department including being a supervisor on the Practical Excavation Module (PAE), a week long excavation module for MSc students. She is also aiding in the supervision of MSc research projects.

Charlotte is a member of the newly formed Cranfield Recovery and Identification of Conflict Casualties team (CRICC).

Charlotte is an active STEM ambassador in the Wiltshire area and regularly offers classroom support and delivers STEM workshops to secondary school children.

Her primary research interests are in the field of burial archaeology with a particular focus on historical archaeology.Charlotte values multidisciplinary approaches to projects and is always keen to broaden her knowledge and contacts base to improve research potential. Charlotte is actively working on several post medieval sites in the UK and takes a special interest in Military history/archaeology.