A one day event exploring innovation in the information space to help meet the requirements of organisations in a changing and demanding world.



We live in a changing world, where that change is driven by technology, globalisation, politics and a variety of other factors. Organisations of all sizes and in all sectors are faced with many challenges as a result of these changes. To be successful in this new world organisations must innovate, changing what they do and how they do it – this is not easy to achieve however.

Information is key to success, after all it is through information that we understand the world and the changes around us. Every strategy developed, every service delivered, every product produced and every decision that is made all rely on getting the right information and using it appropriately. Therefore innovation in the information space should be a priority for organisations.

Organisational structures, cultures/behaviours, strategies, policies and processes can either support innovation – the application of better solutions to meet new requirements from a range of stakeholders – or stifle it.

The 2017 ICM Symposium will consider innovation, specifically innovation in the information space, from a variety of perspectives providing practical insights into this hot topic. There will be speakers with experience and expertise from government organisations, industry and academia exploring the need for innovation, how innovation can be supported and presenting case studies of innovation in action as well as panel sessions and workshops.

If you wish to be one of the speakers and offer a presentation please email a short summary to


Students currently studying ICM MSc - Free

Cranfield Alumni – £20

All others - £60