We proudly announce the 55th Engine Systems Symposium, an event being organized at Cranfield University and welcome all the enthusiasts to join this us for the Symposium.

Since 1980, Cranfield University has held an Engine Systems Symposium, providing an opportunity for current Thermal Power MSc students to share information covering a wide range of topics related to the gas turbine systems, developments, and innovations.

We are expecting to host a diverse audience, including gas turbine professionals, researchers, aspiring engineers and students.

This event will be held both face to face and online to enable people from various geographical locations to participate and engage with our students.

Download the event brochure. 

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Location and travel details

B300 (Martell House) | Ground Floor – West LR 1

Who should attend

  • Industry Professionals
  • Gas Turbine Engineers & Manufacturers
  • Professional Institutions
  • Academic Professionals
  • Research Fellows/Associates
  • Research Foundations
  • Aspiring Engineers
  • Students


Free to attend

How to register

To register please complete this online form.