Our state of the art facilities include the highest spec laser and arc welding technologies.

Arc sources

  • MIG (including CMT Advance);
  • TIG (including TopTIG);
  • Plasma;
  • Tandem;
  • Hyperbaric chamber (up to 250 bar).

Laser sources

  • 8kW Yb fiber laser by IPG;
  • 3kW CW fiber laser by SPI;
  • 500W modulated fiber laser by SPI;
  • Pulse laser with 30W average power for cleaning and marking by SPI;
  • Low pulse energy (1mJ) 100W average power pulse laser by SPI;
  •  High pulse energy (1J), low pulse duration (6ns) and frequency laser for peening application by Spectron;
  • 180W, 35mJ Q-switched laser by Spectron;
  • 300W average power (9kW peak power). Nd-YAG pulsed laser;
  • Co-axial laser plus wire feeder.

Instrumentation facilities

  • Oscilloscopes and data recorders for very fast date collection of up to 20 kHz for current voltage waveform and metal transfer studies;
  • Temperature filming facilities for study of arc and metal transfer behaviour.


  • High speed with laser illumination,
  • IR,
  • Weldpool visualisation.

Motions systems

  • 8 robots,
  • Multi-robot cell for 10m size parts,
  • CNC manipulators.