Our research focuses on data science that models and maps soil properties, processes and functions using state of the art geospatial technologies.

We are undertaking research to exploit informatics approaches to integrate, translate and improve soil spatial data to advance our knowledge of soil resources at field, national and global scales. This includes fusing traditional soil datasets with information derived from new technologies such as remote sensing and low-cost sensors. We develop functional and process based models underpinned by spatial data to further our understanding of soil processes. Our outputs are used for decision making by land managers, industry and governments. 

Our core research areas focus on: 

  • Precision soil mapping,
  • Integrating soil and spatial environment data with new sensing technologies,
  • Digital soil mapping,
  • Land information systems,
  • Land and soil decision support tools,
  • Spatial modelling of soil carbon at national to field scales.


NERC, AgSpace, Defra, Welsh Government, British Sugar, UK Innovate, Forestry Commission, G's Growers, European Environmental Protection Agency, European Space Agency, Joint Research Centre (EU), FP7 (EU), H2020 (EU).


In our role as the National Reference Centre for soil we manage soil datasets for England and Wales on behalf of Defra (LandIS). We host a global data rescue facility for soil information that contains data from 336 territories worldwide (WOSSAC).