Areas of expertise


Dr Jörn Mehnen is a Reader in Computational Management with expertise in: Real-world application of Through-Life Engineering, Cloud Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and IoT, Computational Intelligence, Additive Layer Manufacturing, Machining Technology, Mathematical Modelling

Priv.-Doz. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Inform. Jörn Mehnen has a background in machining technology (PhD) and soft computing (MSc) from TU Dortmund, Germany. He studied computer science and mathematics (Dipl.-Inform.). In 1995 he began his research career at the Department of Machining Technology (ISF) at the University of Dortmund, Germany. There he obtained his PhD (Dr.-Ing., summa cum laude) and received admittance for teaching (venia legendi, Habilitation) in 2005 as a Privatdozent (Priv.-Doz.). In 2007 he joined Cranfield University as a Senior Lecturer within the Manufacturing Department. He is also Privatdozent at TU Dortmund (Germany). In 2013 he was promoted to Reader in Computational Manufacturing at Cranfield University.

Current activities

Dr Jörn Mehnen is engaged
  • in the KTP project Design for Industry 4.0 with Design Rule Ltd. as (KTP Ref. KTP010558, Academic Supervisor) for the project part Design for IoT. October 2016 - 2018 (total: £262k). 
  • in the EU H2020 project SCORE (Scoreboard of Competitiveness of European Transport Manufacturing Industry), Coordination and Support Action under H2020-MG-8.1-2015 (£169k). VDI/VDE (Germany) is Coordinator. October 2016 - 2018. 
  • in the EU H2020 CPSE Project LegInt "Integrating legacy machines with the Internet" (€91k) as PI. Formtec (Germany) is Coordinator. Funded under H2020-EU. Proj. Ref. No: 644400, 2016-2017.
  • in the EPSRC HVM Catapult Fellowship Project BAUTA "A non-invasive remote maintenance tool for legacy CNC machine tools" (£38k) as PI (2016-2018). Hosted by AMRC Sheffield. 
  • since October 2013 Co-I in the Cranfield lead £777k EPSRC project Robustness-performance optimisation for automated composites manufacture with Nottingham and Bristol. The 3 years project started in October 2013.
  • as Deputy Director of the TES Centre Degradation Studies Laboratory (since 2016)
  • as Deputy Director of the TES Centre IoT Laboratory (since 2016)
Dr Jörn Mehnen was
  • Deputy Director of the National EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Through-life Engineering Services (£11.2m, 2014-2016, EP/I033246/1)
  • PI in the EPSRC TES Centre project "Mind Palace" (£120k, 2015-2106)
  • PI in the £5m EU project CAPP-4-SMEs dealing with making advanced Cloud Manufacturing technology for process planning and optimisation available to European SME companies. The project is comprised of 11 partners (4 universities, 1 multi-national manufacturing company and 6 SMEs) from 5 European countries (Sweden, UK, Greece, Germany and Spain), Ref.-No: 314024
  • Co-I in the flagship Project 3 "Characterisation of In-Service Component Feedback for System Design and Manufacture (£360k) in the EPSRC TES Centre dealing with advanced NDT technology (e.g. Thermoscope, X-Ray, 3D scanning) 2011-2016
  • Co-I in the EU FP7 project CASES (Customised Advisory Sustainable manufacturing Services) that brings together eight universities from UK, Spain, France, China and Ukraine. (£2.5m), 2012-2015, Project Ref.-No.: 294931
  • PI in the EPSRC IMRC project RUAM Ready-to-Use Additive Manufacturing (£2m), EP/E001874/1 
He is member of the organisation committee of  the world largest conference on evolutionary optimisation GECCO as organiser of the Evolutionary Computation in Practice (ECP) track. He is on the editorial board of the Journal Applied Soft Computing and associate editor of International Journal of Manufacturing Research (IJMR). Dr Mehnen is member of Red Cedar Technology Technical Advisory Council (US). Since 2013 he is a member of EPSRC Peer Review College. He is member of various IoT and Optimisation LinkedIn groups.


Airbus (UK), Air Liquide (FR), Augusta Westland (UK), Alstom (UK), Babcock (UK), Bombardier (UK), BAE Systems (UK), Castrol, COMAC (China), Corus/Tata (UK), Delcam (UK), Doncaster (UK), DMG / Mori Seki (UK, Germany, Japan), EnginSoft (UK), Eurocopter (France), Faiveley (UK), Formtec (Germany), GE Fanuc (UK), Green Tubes (USA), Hexagon, Holroyd (UK), InConTec (Germany), Jaguar Land Rover Ltd. (UK), Laser Cladding (UK), Lockheed Martin (USA/UK), MOOG Ltd. (UK), PowerKut Ltd (UK), Prodintec (Spain), Red Cedar Technology (USA), Rolls-Royce Ltd. (UK), Santander Bank (UK), Geoban-Santander Bank (UK), Saint-Gobain, Sandvik (Sweden), SAS/JMP (UK), TIMET (US/UK), TWI Cambridge (UK), VDI/CDE (Germany), VBC (UK), VGO consulting (USA)


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

  • Zhao Y, Mehnen J, Xu W, Alrashed M, Abineri S & Roy R (2015) Degradation assessment of industrial composites using thermography. In: 4th international conference on through-life engineering services (TESConf 2015), Cranfield, 3-4 November 2015.
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