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Fees and funding

Finding the money to complete an MSc or PhD course may at first seem a daunting task. Here at Cranfield we find that many of our students fund their studies by putting together a funding package drawn from savings, small grants, loans or bursaries. We have a funding finder where you can search for suitable sources of funding by filtering the results to suit your needs. There are also a number of helpful contacts in the funding and advice section below.

Please note that the academic year at Cranfield falls within two financial years for tax purposes. Therefore, you may be entitled to a considerable tax rebate at the beginning of the course and be expected to pay little tax when starting work again at the end of the course.

Applicants are advised that the award of a degree or diploma at the end of a course is conditional on satisfying the University examiners. Adequate funding must be secured for fees and living expenses before registration.

  • How to pay your fees

    You can make payment in the following ways:

    • Online payment - You can pay by credit or debit card online at any time via the Cranfield University web payments page.
    • Cash Desk - You can visit the Cash Desk located on the Ground floor of Building 31 and settle your account in cash, or you can settle your account by credit or debit card. Please note payment of tuition fees by credit or debit card at the Cash Desk will incur a 3% administration charge to cover the costs we incur for these transactions.
    • Bank electronic transfer - Please quote invoice and student number. Our details are as follows:

    Account Name: Cranfield University
    National Westminster Bank, 49 High Street, Woburn Sands, MK17 8YX
    Sort code: 60-06-56
    Account number: 00516228
    IBAN: GB38NWBK60065600516228

    Please ensure that you arrange to cover all the bank charges or it is possible that not enough money will arrive in our bank account to pay all of your invoices.

    • Cheque - Please send your cheque to:

    Finance Department
    Kent House
    Cranfield University
    Wharley End
    MK43 0AL

    You can also deliver it in person to the Cash Office located on the Ground floor of Building 31.

    Please note:

    • Do not send cash by mail.
    • Send in your financial guarantee in advance.
    • Be sure you understand what is provided with your accommodation and what you will need to buy.
    • Due to the large numbers of students paying by Debit Card at Registration, it is advisable to pay at least five working days prior to registering to ensure minimal delay in your registration process.

    Before making any payment, we recommend you read our Payment Terms and Conditions.

  • Sponsor Payment

    Please arrange for your sponsor to pay your stipend into your UK bank account as soon as you have opened an account. Unfortunately it can take several weeks for funds to be transferred from abroad and cheques drawn on non-UK banks can also take several weeks to clear. It's important to take this into account and bring with you sufficient British currency/travellers cheques to help pay for food and expenses during the first few weeks of term. 

    Please note that the University is unable to support students financially.

  • Financial guarantees

    If your conditions of offer state that you must provide a financial guarantee, you must produce one of the following:

    • an official letter from a recognised grant awarding body stating that you have received a scholarship which covers tuition fees, or
    • an official letter from a company/embassy/public authority or service, agreeing to pay your tuition fees.

    If your tuition fees are to be paid by more than one sponsor, a guarantee from each sponsor will be needed.

    If you provide a letter from your commercial or government sponsor, you will not be expected to pay fees at registration. The University will invoice your sponsor directly. However if you are not able to provide one of these documents, you will be required to pay your annual tuition fee in full at the time of registration.

    Payment made to the University by a cheque drawn on a non-UK bank will always incur bank charges for clearance and you will be responsible for paying these charges.

    It would help considerably if you could send your financial guarantee to Student Finance before you arrive. If you have any queries about payment of fees, please contact Student Finance as soon as possible, and before you arrive on campus.

  • Tuition fees - Taught programmes

    The tuition fees for our taught programmes are detailed on the individual course pages. Please refer to our Course Finder to locate the appropriate fee.
  • Tuition fees - Research programmes

    Management theme

    Tuition fees for our Management research programmes can be found on the relevant course pages:


    Defence and Security theme

    Home/EU student

    PhD Full-time - £21,600*

    PhD Part-time - £22,500*

    MPhil Full-time - £14,400*

    MPhil Part-time - £15,000*

    MSc by Research Full-time - £7,200*

    MSc by Research Part-time - £7,500*

    Overseas student

    PhD Full-time - £57,000*

    PhD Part-time - £60,000*

    MPhil Full-time - £38,000*

    MPhil Part-time - £40,000*

    MSc by Research Full-time - £19,000*

    MSc by Research Part-time - £20,000*

    * This is the total fee charged for the award and a payment plan system is offered.


    All other themes

    Fees for all of our other research programmes (PhD, MPhil and MSc by Research) are listed below:

    Home/EU student

    Full-time - £6,800

    Part-time - £3,500

    Overseas student

    Full-time - £16,250

    Part-time - £8,750


    Fee notes:

    • Fees are payable annually for each year of study unless otherwise indicated.
    • The fees outlined here apply to all students whose initial date of registration falls on or between 1 August 2014 and 31 July 2015 and the University reserves the right to amend fees without notice.
    • All students pay the annual tuition fee set by the University for the full duration of their registration period agreed at their initial registration.
    • Additional fees for extensions to registration may be charged.
    • Fee eligibility at the Home/EU rate is determined with reference to UK Government regulations. As a guiding principle, EU nationals (including UK) who are ordinarily resident in the EU pay Home/EU tuition fees, all other students (including those from the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) pay international fees.
  • UK/EU students

    To help students in finding and securing appropriate funding we have created a funding finder where you can search for suitable sources of funding by filtering the results to suit your needs. Visit the funding finder.

    In addition please find following some useful guides and contacts to other general schemes of student support.

    Cranfield Postgraduate Loan Scheme (CPLS)

    The CPLS is a funding programme providing affordable tuition fee and maintenance loans for full-time UK/EU students studying technology-based MSc courses. Visit the funding information page for the CPLS or read more in the CPLS FAQs.

    Professional and Career Development Loans

    Professional and Career Development Loans are offered to support students who are seeking to enhance their skills for work, re-train or start a career in an emerging industry or profession.

    For further information or to request an application pack visit the UK Government website.

     Postgraduate Studentships

    Postgraduate Studentships bring together different types of funding opportunities open to postgraduate students. For further information visit the Postgraduate Studentships website.


    The Hotcourses website has a searchable database of funding opportunities. For further information visit the Hotcourses website.

    Family Action

    Family Action administer over 30 educational trusts, specialising in providing small grants to students who study at institutions that are affiliated to The Educational Grants Advisory Service (EGAS). For further information visit the Family Action website.

    Grants Online

    Grants Online provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on grants from the European Union, UK Government Departments, the National Lottery and UK Grant Making Trusts (subscription required). For further information visit the Grants Online website.

  • International students

    Overseas students who are in the UK will usually be interviewed and finance will be discussed at that time. If you are not in the UK you should take the opportunity to discuss funding with your nearest British Council office, British High Commission office, or Ministry of Education.  

    To help students in finding and securing appropriate funding we have created a funding finder where you can search for suitable sources of funding by filtering the results to suit your needs. Visit the funding finder.

    In addition please find following some useful websites.

    Study Abroad

    A comprehensive country by country list of grants for studying in over 100 countries worldwide, including Britain. This guide is published by UNESCO worldwide, for further information visit the UNESCO website.  

    UKCISA guidance notes for students

    UKCISA guidance notes are specifically for international students. They provide brief, easy to understand explanations of the issues and topics students most often ask about. They are available to students by subscribing to British Council Offices overseas or on the UKCISA website.

    Commonwealth Universities Yearbook

    The Commonwealth Universities Yearbook is a detailed guide to 500 Universities of the Commonwealth. Also included is a short description of the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme and Fellowship Plan and addresses of Commonwealth Scholarship agencies worldwide. For further information visit the Association of Commonwealth Universities website.

    Copies of these and other similar guides may be available in academic, reference and public libraries, as well as many British Council Offices.