Cranfield Defence and Security

Cranfield Defence and Security

Cranfield Defence and Security (CDS) is a School of Cranfield University that offers unique educational opportunities to the Defence and Security sectors of both public and private sector organisations. 

Based at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom at Shrivenham in Oxfordshire, we are the Academic Provider to the UK Ministry of Defence for all postgraduate education at the Defence Academy and training in engineering, science, acquisition, management and leadership. 

We deliver the highest standards of education, training and research across a range of important subject areas in defence, security, engineering, management and leadership to meet the demands of students – both Service and civilian, national and international – for the 21st century.

We look forward to welcoming you to CDS at Shrivenham, and to playing a successful part in your future career and personal development.

Our impact

Defence and Security at Cranfield addresses the increasing challenges faced by an evolving and shifting global defence and security landscape. Our impact is expressed through internationally regarded research and though our real-world solutions. 

Our worldwide reputation for research and consultancy excellence has been forged through novel thinking, collaboration with partner organisation and our expertise.

Our people

Our defence and security academics and researchers are drawn from diverse backgrounds from all over the world. Each a leader in their chosen field, they provide dependable, extensive and applied expertise.  Actively engaged in industry-centric research and consultancy, our people are at the leading edge of defence and security. 

Ways of working with Cranfield

There are a variety of ways in which your organisation can engage and work with us. Cranfield can provide real-world solutions that support and inform your operations, products and services. To highlight a few of the ways that you can work with us:

  • Provision of expert advice
  • Sponsor a PhD student research project
  • Commission a research project
  • Collaborate on an research activity or project
  • Provision of support to a Masters project
  • Commission a customised development programme, tailored to the requirements of your organisation
  • Commission a consultancy project

Full-time postgraduate degrees

Our full-time graduate programmes in defence and security offer the highest standards of education and address the changing needs of an evolving sector.

Find out more about full-time graduate programmes in defence and security at Cranfield

Professional development

Cranfield has a diverse suite of defence and security short courses that meet the challenges and requirements of a changing and complex sector. Our portfolio offers the maximum scope for personal development and, at the same time, balances your time and resource pressures.  

Find our more about Professional Development in Defence and Security at Cranfield.

Clients and partners

Defence and Security at Cranfield works in partnership with the military, industry and government departments to influence and provide leading solutions to major global defence and security challenges.

Examples of key business clients and partners include:

  • RAF
  • Research Councils
  • BAE Systems
  • FCO
  • MOD
  • Chemring
  • DSTL
  • DFID
  • AEL Mining
  • Honda

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