Alumni at Cranfield University

The Cranfield University alumni network is diverse, dynamic and unique. For over 60 years Cranfield has been producing world-class practitioners in the spheres of technology and management, who have gone on to exciting and high-profile roles across varied industries. We are immensely proud of our 55,000 alumni and each and every individual in the community is central to Cranfield’s vision and strategy.

At Cranfield we are committed to providing a range of services that serve as a lifelong resource for our alumni and we celebrate the mutually beneficial success of our adaptive and inclusive alumni programme. Cranfield's dynamic and customisable alumni portal keep your profile up to date with this new directory

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  • Alumni services

    We are dedicated to providing a world-class programme of inclusive and lifelong services to our alumni

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  • Our alumni

    Our alumni community is vibrant, wide-ranging and distinctive, with many distinguished alumni with fascinating stories.
  • Alumni support for Cranfield

    We are proud of the ongoing support that alumni provide in helping us to maintain our position as a centre of excellence in global innovation.
  • Contact the Alumni Office

    The Alumni Relations and Development Office serve as a link between Cranfield and its alumni. 

    T: +44(0)1234 754456