Driving Research Group

Changing driver behaviour

Human Factors are a contributing factor in over 90% of road accidents, which makes having an understanding of driver behaviour essential for organisations and policy makers working in the transport sector. The Driving Research Group has a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning over 25 years in the driver behaviour and road safety field. Particular strengths are the measurement of the psychological factors that influence driver behaviour, along with the development and testing of interventions to reduce risk for all types of road users.

Supporting your business

Organisations are rapidly evolving dynamic systems that change in response to market forces and policy. Transport industry operators face a new range of commercial, legislative and health and safety demands. To cope with these demands, we offer a research and consultancy service for the road transport industry and public sector groups interested in improving road safety. We specialise in giving advice on driver psychology and behaviour, including research methodology, data collection, driver training and support. Every contract is tailor made to ensure the client receives exactly what is needed with total confidentiality and is based upon a wealth of academic research and practical experience.

Recent projects include:


The Driving Research Group has a strong track record of working closely with the road safety and transportation industry to provide effective tailor made solutions to real world problems. In particular, the Group’s contribution was recognised in 2009 when they were awarded the prestigious Knowledge Transfer Partnership Award for Best Application of Management or Social Science.

Our People

Postgraduate degrees full-time

The Driving Research Group contains several of the academic leaders in the field of road traffic and transportation psychology and currently offers a number of short courses and educational qualifications in the area of driving behaviour and traffic psychology.

Professional development (CPD)

Behaviour-Based Fleet Risk Management

06 October 2015

This course outlines best practice regarding the management of work-related road safety and provides attendees with a set of tools to take back to their company.

Behavioural Interventions for Improving Fleet Safety

21 October - 22 October 2015

This course provides a synthesis of the research on a range of psychology-based approaches to improving driver behaviour and provides delegates with the knowledge to use them.

Changing Driver Behaviour

Please enquire for course dates.

The course critically appraises a range of educational, legal, engineering and social approaches to changing driver behaviour. The course explores techniques that successfully changed driver behaviour

Driver Psychology and Behaviour

24 November - 25 November 2015

Presents the psychological principles and models applied to understanding driving behaviour. Of benefit to those wishing to reduce incidence of driver error and risk behaviour.

Psychology of Drink Driving

Please enquire for course dates.

Course based on research which addresses the drink driving problem, with particular emphasis on developing skills and knowledge to successfully rehabilitate offenders.


Current Research Opportunities

Academic staff from the Driving Research Group are available to supervise PhD and MPhil research in the broad area of traffic psychology/driver behaviour. Appropriately qualified individuals should contact Dr Mark Sullman (m.sullman@cranfield.ac.uk) or Dr Lisa Dorn (l.dorn@cranfield.ac.uk) with a proposed outline of their PhD/MPhil research.

Case studies

The Driving Research Group works with a wide range of organisations in the transport sector, including large and small companies working in both the private and public sectors. These have included: 

  • Shell
  • Mercedes Benz Driver Training Academy
  • Gate Gourmet
  • Unilever
  • Astra Zeneca 
  • Royal Bank of Scotland.