Cranfield Forensic Institute

Cranfield Forensic Institute

Cranfield Forensic Institute (CFI) was established relatively recently as an organisational unit within Cranfield Defence and Security. CFI is fortunate to occupy a secure campus at Shrivenham, and have extensive expertise and exceptional facilities in ballistics, explosives, materials science, engineering failures and forensic computing. These activities are significantly enhanced by the incorporation of forensic archaeology and anthropology making Cranfield the only University in the world to accommodate these disciplines within a science and technology faculty. CFI has become a leading player in the field of forensic science with a vision is to be an international focus for research and postgraduate teaching. The aim is to significantly enhance the employment opportunities of students by producing postgraduates of the highest professional quality.

CFI is led by Professor Keith Rogers and employs 25 staff (all fully engaged in research programmes), has more than 35 PhD students and in excess of 100 MSc students. All of the teaching is both research and operationally led. The principal features of the Institute are:

  • A Forensic Modular Masters Programme (FMMP) with a suite of ancillary short courses. Although the programme only started in 2010, it is already the most successful forensic MSc course in the U.K. in terms of student numbers and is regarded as very high quality by its external accreditors (the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences). It is naturally complementary to the Schools activities at Shrivenham and provides a significant profile raising function for the University e.g. through popular media exposure.
  • The research and development activities are of the highest quality with recent publications in Science and formal collaborations with institutions such as Harvard and the Getty. The new laboratory facility is unique within the U.K. in that it provides a research environment coupled with forensic contamination and audit control.
  • CFI’s expertise, particularly in the area of materials analysis applied to forensic science, provides high value consultancy for casework and testing that is high margin and supports the other activities.

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