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Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) is the transformation of system data on a complex vehicle or system (such as a luxury car or a commercial airplane) into information to support operational decisions and optimise maintenance. As such, IVHM is a capability, comprised of a number of technologies, that can be used across a number of sectors for business benefit.

IVHM is becoming increasingly important as OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) move from the traditional sale of a product, in which future income is dependent on spare part revenue, to selling a service in which steady monthly income can be derived in return for the effective maintenance of the asset. IVHM enables this transformation.

Directions on how to find us (Building 70)

  • Our impact and facilities

    The IVHM Centre delivers generic IVHM solutions from highly leveraged R&D spend within a pre-competitive environment which is our core research. We support commercialisation, reducing time to market and combine technology, business and technology transfer solutions.

    We have a robust innovation cycle and applied research demonstrators with access to a world class IVHM community and new market opportunities which influence development of industry standards and policies.

    The Centre delivers a IVHM short course yearly and contributes to MSc modules in such subjects as Diagnostics and Prognostics, and Instrumentation and Signal Processing. It has also acted as the focal point, and editor, for 3 recent SAE books on IVHM and an SAE webcast.

    We have several facilities available including:

    • UAV fuel rig with 5 degradation faults
    • Machine Fault Simulator, for rotating machinery faults
    • Environmental Chamber
    • Energy harvesting test equipment
    • Fibre-optic strain gauging (SME demo)
    • Offset gear rig
    • Helicopter rotor balance rig
    • Integrated Vehicle Health Management Centre

      IVHM is the transformation of system data on a complex vehicle or system, (such as a luxury car or a commercial airplane), into information to support operational decisions and optimise maintenance.

  • Our people

    • Name: Professor Ian Jennions
      Job Title: Director of IVHM
      Areas of expertise:
      Aerospace, Gas turbines and Propulsion, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Automotive, Integrated Vehicle Health Management, Energy, Power Systems and Gas Turbines
    • Name: Dr Samir Khan
      Job Title: Research Fellow in TLES
      Areas of expertise:
      Aerospace, Manufacturing, Defence and Security, Communications Systems, Additional Area, Computing, Simulation and modelling, Instrumentation, Sensors and Measurement Science, Systems Engineering
    • Name: Dr Suresh Perinpanayagam
      Job Title: Lecturer
      Areas of expertise:
      Aerospace, Autonomous Systems, Automotive, Mechatronics and Advanced Controls, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles, Integrated Vehicle Health Management, Energy, Electric Power Machines and Grid Systems for Energy, Environment, Monitoring and Environmental Informatics, Manufacturing, Through-life Engineering Services, Sensor Technologies
  • Working with us

    The IVHM Centre can work with industry to help solve complex issues either through collaborative research projects or through direct consultation. We can work either directly with industry or through joint funding applications where appropriate.

    All research/consultancy work undertaken is subject to Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in order to protect intellectual property (IP) of the company involved.

    We have expertise in the following areas:

    • Commercial rationale: business case and business modelling
    • Diagnostics and prognostics
    • Instrumentation and signal processing
    • IVHM design system
    • Architecture
    • Standards.
  • Current research projects

  • Postgraduate degrees

    • Integrated Vehicle Health Management

      This MSc develops professionals with the ability to take a holistic and systematic approach to IVHM, integrating the range of technologies to deliver significant business benefits.

    • PhD - School of Applied Sciences:

      Suitable for candidates wishing to combine the depth of a doctoral course with a broad foundation of knowledge and skills in your area of specialisation.

  • Professional Development (CPD)

    • Obsolescence Management

      22 September 2014

      A mentored online course over six weeks suitable for practitioners in industry/academia who are interested to learn about obsolescence and how to manage it.

    • Introduction to Integrated Vehicle Health Management

      Please enquire for course dates.

      Overview of Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) technology and its role in businesses. IVHM is discussed relevant to all industry sectors.

    • Product Lifecycle Management

      Please enquire for course dates.

      Understanding types of product data generated and used in the product lifecycle, current tools and methodology in the management of them and the system analysis and implementation techniques.

    • Online Learning – Principles of Vehicle Dynamics

      Please enquire for course dates.

      Tutored online course on the Principles of Vehicle Dynamics. Providing basic physical performance and dynamic characteristics of land, sea and air vehicles

    • Online Learning – Principles of Mechanical Systems

      Please enquire for course dates.

      This course provides the fundamental principles of a range of systems including propulsion, fuel, electrical, hydraulic, mechanical and environmental.

  • Publications

  • Case studies and clients

    The IVHM Centre works with a wide range of companies and public sector bodies in aerospace, automotive, railway, marine, energy, agriculture, health and environment. We have conducted research projects with the following partners:

    • Alstom Transport
    • BAE Systems
    • Boeing
    • Canadian NRC
    • Critical Technologies
    • Meggitt
    • Ministry of Defence
    • NAL – India
    • Rolls-Royce
    • Thales Group
    • Western Power Distribution.
    • There are currently no case studies listed in this area.