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Cranfield Defence and Security

Cranfield Defence and Security (CDS) is a School of Cranfield University that offers unique educational opportunities to the Defence and Security sectors of both public and private sector organisations. 

Based at the UK Defence Academy at Shrivenham in Oxfordshire, we are the Academic Provider to the UK Ministry of Defence for all postgraduate education at the Defence Academy College of Management and Technology and training in engineering, science, acquisition, management and leadership. 

We deliver the highest standards of education, training and research across a range of important subject areas in defence, security, engineering, management and leadership to meet the demands of students – both Service and civilian, national and international – for the 21st century.

We look forward to welcoming you to CDS at Shrivenham, and to playing a successful part in your future career and personal development.

  • Our impact and facilities

    Our reputation for world-class research, coupled with our excellent teaching and facilities, allows us to offer our students a unique experience. Cranfield University’s partnering relationship with the Defence Academy and with other industrial and government agencies provides students with unparalleled access to military and industrial expertise and facilities as well the facilities and expertise at our Shrivenham and Cranfield campuses. This enables the University and its students to make a powerful contribution to tackling real world problems.

  • Our people

    Our faculty are deeply committed to improving and addressing the many challenges facing the defence and security sector. With extensive expertise within their fields, our people apply their knowledge and skills across our range of education, consultancy and research activities. With an applied, real-world approach, our faculty work intensively to meet the needs of our students, clients and partners.

  • Current research projects

    Cranfield Defence and Security is a world leading centre for research in defence and security fields. Our research activities cover a wide range of topics and our, often unique, facilities range from powerful radiation sources to vehicle test tracks. Our research projects are well respected, helping to inform the sector and are directed by acknowledged experts, assisted by well qualified technical staff.
  • Postgraduate degrees

    We continue to be innovative in our course design. New courses are developed to reflect the changing needs of the Defence Sector; in particular those identified by the Industrial and Technology Strategies, and changes in acquisition and procurement methodologies. Many of our courses are available full-time, part-time, or by distance learning or a blend of residential and e-learning. 

    We have a wide selection of postgraduate courses available on a part-time and full-time basis. The modular structure of many of our courses offers students the flexibility to study at their own pace and to exit with a Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma or Master’s qualification, or simply to study an individual module. 

  • Professional Development (CPD)

    The short courses offered by Cranfield Defence and Security are designed to provide flexibility for professionals who wish to progress their career and skills. The real-world focussed knowledge attained through completing one of our programmes is directly relevant to the defence and security workplace.

    Our courses vary in length from a day to several weeks and in academic level from awareness to detailed knowledge. We recognise the pressure of time and resources and have developed a short course programme that is flexible in terms of its delivery. This allows you to study without being absent from work for long periods, yet providing the necessary depth and breadth of knowledge that makes for effective and unique learning.

    Many of our courses are stand-alone modules of MSc courses for which credits may be earned or certification of attendance may be issued. Our diverse short course programme is fluid and progressive, drawing on our extensive research and consultancy experience in areas such as:

    • Resilience
    • Ballistics
    • Communications
    • Environment
    • Materials science
    • Forensic science and computing
    • Unmanned air vehicles
    • Systems engineering and management. 

    Our short course portfolio is flexible and creative with many of our course able to run ‘in-company’.

  • Department of Engineering and Applied Science

    Department of Engineering and Applied Science (DEAS) brings together expertise in a diverse range of technologies to provide education, research and consultancy advice to defence and security sectors.

  • Department of Informatics and Systems Engineering

    Department of Informatics and Systems Engineering is research-led with focus within the disciplines of information systems, systems engineering, electronic warfare, simulation and operational analysis

  • Department of Management and Security

    The Department of Management and Security (DMS) is research-led with focus and recognised expertise within the disciplines of management, defence, acquisition, the environment, resilience and security


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