Man and woman looking at a book
Man and woman looking at a book

We are committed to meeting the needs of staff and students by providing excellent customer service, supporting research, learning and teaching, and ensuring that our facilities and services are accessible to everyone.

Links for current staff and students to access our resources:

High quality specialist resources

We offer access to a rich collection of nearly 200 academic and industry/profession-specific databases to support your work at Cranfield; enabling you to discover current, relevant cross-disciplinary information, as well as explore applied subjects in great depth. For students, experience and familiarity with using the more specialist resources will be recognised and valued by future employers.

Key resources include:

  • Bloomberg
  • British Standards Online
  • IEEE Xplore
  • IMechE Conference Proceedings
  • Mintel reports
  • ABI/Inform
  • Thomson Reuters
  • ScienceDirect
  • Scopus
  • Springer
  • Wiley

We also provide access to over 22,000 eJournals, as well as core collections of books, journals and reports, and a range of current awareness services to ensure you stay up to date with your field.

One-to-one support

We have a team of Information Specialists and highly trained support staff who are helpful, knowledgeable about their fields of expertise and committed to customer service.

All staff and students have a dedicated Information Specialist for their subject area, who:

  • builds strong links with academic departments
  • spends time going out to where students, researchers and faculty staff are working so that he/she can be more closely involved in learning, teaching and research support
  • offers group training and one-to-one support to enable you to make the most of the services and resources we provide
  • provides advice to help you communicate the results of your research and raise its visibility and impact  

We listen to our customers carefully and are responsive to feedback, continually developing our services to meet their needs. We are particularly aware of the challenges faced by customers who are studying or working off-campus, and those with disabilities, and we offer them additional support to ensure our services remain accessible to everyone.

Study and research skills

Developing skills to make the most of our rich information environment at Cranfield is not only important to you whilst you are studying at Cranfield, it is also vital for your future employability and career progression. Being able to demonstrate your familiarity with using databases widely used within your intended industry/profession will be highly valued by potential employers.

It is important that you develop an understanding of the information resources available to you, how to use them effectively and most importantly, how to evaluate the content they provide. We offer tailored group and one-to-one training to ensure that you are able to make the most of our resources. We also help you develop your study skills by offering courses on how to evaluate information sources, reference correctly and avoid plagiarism, which are key to your academic success at Cranfield.  

A comfortable working environment

We never lose sight of the importance of the library as a physical space, and its role in your overall learning experience. We aim to create a welcoming, comfortable environment in which to study, and offer areas for individual and group work as well as silent study.

Access Alumni Library Online

As a Cranfield University alumnus, you can enjoy the benefits of a free online library service, Alumni Library Online, wherever you are in the world.

Alumni Library Online gives you quick and easy access to quality information resources in one place, specifically tailored to meet your career development needs as an alumnus. You can read a variety of journals, company profiles, industry and country reports, case studies, book reviews and interviews with leading industrial figures. Read more about what the service offers.

Watch our video: How has Alumni Library Online helped your professional development since you left Cranfield?

Go now!:

All alumni should have received login details for the portal. If you have any queries about your login please contact the Alumni Office.

You can also watch our video if you are having problems logging in to the Alumni Library Online service.

Have any questions?

Who can use the Alumni Library Online service?
Anyone who is a graduate of Cranfield University.

When may I start using the Alumni Library Online Service?
As soon as you have received your alumni portal login details. All alumni should have received login details for the portal. If you have any queries about your login please contact the Alumni Office.

How much does the Alumni Library Online service cost?
Nothing, it is free!

Can I access the same databases I used when I was a student at Cranfield?
It will not be possible for you to access the same databases you used as a student due to licence restrictions. We only have a limited range of databases that alumni can use, primarily for personal development.

Can I borrow books if I join the Alumni Library Online Service?
No, our service is an online service only. You are welcome to come into the libraries and use our books for reference purposes, but you are not be able to borrow them.

Can I access the eBooks within the Library Catalogue?
No, unfortunately our licenses do not allow alumni to do this at the moment but we are actively raising the issue with our vendors.

Is it possible to come to Cranfield to use the libraries and their resources?
Alumni are always welcome to visit us, but due to our licence restrictions there are only a few databases available for walk-in users. Please contact us first so we can check if the services and resources you want to use are available for you.

How can I check if the journal I want to access is available through this service?
Please contact us and we will check if it is available for you.

Can I access full text articles from the Harvard Business Review through this service?
No, but you can read abstracts of the articles.

I have a question that isn’t answered above.
Please contact the Alumni Library Online team by calling +44 (0) 1234 754444 or emailing

Terms and conditions

Alumni Library Online is not for commercial use in the workplace; as this is an online service, we are unable to lend you any books. Please read the following terms and conditions which apply to all members of Alumni Library Online when they are using electronic resources licensed by Cranfield University.

Library Services – confidentiality undertaking (pdf, 23kb)

Databases – conditions of use (pdf, 47kb)

Members of the public

Cranfield Campus library services

Visitors are welcome to use the libraries at the Cranfield Campus for reference purposes although you will not be able to log in to our IT facilities as a member of the public. Before you travel, please check the Library catalogue to make sure we stock material that you are interested in and that your visit will be worthwhile. If you wish to photocopy any material you find when you are here, please ask a member of staff.

Check the Cranfield Campus Library catalogue

Barrington Library, Shrivenham

The Barrington Library at Shrivenham also welcomes visitors but, due to security issues, visits are by appointment only.

Check the Barrington Library catalogue

Find out more about special requirements for visiting the Barrington Library

Students from other universities

You are able to borrow up to three 6 week loan items from the Kings Norton Library on the Cranfield campus if you are a member of the SCONUL Access scheme, but please note membership of the scheme does not entitle you to use our electronic resources or have general use of our PCs.

If, however, your home institution is a member of the Eduroam wireless service then you are welcome to access the Internet, and your own library's electronic resources, via your laptop from our campus. If you need instructions on how to configure your machine to link to the Eduroam network, you will need to contact the IT Department of your home institution.

More information: 

Using Library services via the SCONUL Access scheme

Search our e-research directory

Our publicly available research directory, Cranfield CERES, contains a growing collection of research publications by Cranfield staff and PhD students including journal pre-prints and peer-reviewed journal reprints, digital theses and dissertations, book chapters, working papers and technical reports.

Search Cranfield CERES

Kings Norton Library, Cranfield campus

The Kings Norton Library is now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Library staff are present during their core working hours of Monday - Friday, 8.30 am – 9.00 pm. Outside these core hours, the building is primarily used as a study space, with use of the PCs and the ability to borrow and return stock using the self-service machines.

If you are not a staff member or a student at Cranfield, and wish to visit the Library as a visitor or a member of the SCONUL Access scheme, we recommend you plan your visit during core hours. Please contact us in advance to let us know that you are coming, so we can confirm that we can provide the service you need during that time.

Management Information and Resource Centre (MIRC), Cranfield campus

Monday - Friday: 8.30 am - 9 pm
Saturday: 9.30 am - 6 pm

Please note that the above opening hours will change during public holidays and over the summer period. If you intend to travel far to use our services, we recommend you contact us before you start your journey to ensure that we will be open.

Barrington Library, Shrivenham campus

Monday – Friday: 8 am – 7 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 3 pm

Please note that the above opening hours will change during public holidays and over the summer period. If you intend to travel far to use our services, we recommend you contact us before you start your journey to ensure that we will be open.

Our research projects

We maintain a high research profile within the library and information sector, leading or contributing to a number of national projects intended to improve the management of eResources and the measurement of their usage. The services that we are developing will not  only help us to ensure that delivery of our own resources remains customer focused, meeting real demand and creating value for money, but will also be of similar benefit to the wider library community both nationally and internationally.

Our recent research projects:

Knowledge Base+ (KB+)
HEFCE has invested £600,000 in the creation of a shared service knowledge base which is intended to help UK academic libraries manage their eResource collections more efficiently. Called Knowledge Base+ (KB+), it holds data relating to the licensing and subscription packages of electronic publications in a central location, data which, in the past, has been stored and managed locally with considerable duplication of effort across the sector.
[Partners: JISC, MIMAS, Cranfield University]

Enhanced Transfer Alerting Service (ETAS)
Given the vast numbers of electronic journals to which academic libraries subscribe it can be difficult for staff to keep up to date with frequent changes in their ownership. When a publisher sells a title to another company, often without much notice, not only does the way in which the content is accessed change but there may also be financial implications when the subscription is renewed. Without being able to track these changes or receive timely notification of them, library services can potentially become disrupted. 

Although a basic Transfer Alerting Service (TAS) was created some time ago, we have helped to develop the original service to enable publishers to submit transfer notifications to a searchable database. This tool should improve communication from publishers to libraries in the future, and increased awareness should help the latter to minimise breaks in service to customers as well.
[Partners: UKSG, MIMAS, JISC, Cranfield University]

Institutional Repository Usage Statistics (IRUS)
Following our prior involvement in the Publisher and Institutional Repository Usage Statistics (PIRUS2) project, which successfully demonstrated that it is feasible to create, record and consolidate usage statistics at article level from a wide range of repositories and publishers, we are now contributing to the JISC-funded IRUS-UK. This new aggregation service will enable the owners of participating institutional repositories (IRs) in the UK to share standardised usage statistics which will provide evidence of their value and impact nationwide. The database will also record all content downloaded from participating IRs to enable comparisons with publisher usage data.
[Partners: MIMAS, Cranfield University, EvidenceBase]

Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP)
JUSP collates the usage data of over 40 subscription databases produced by journal publishers and intermediaries and provides a single gateway for libraries to view, download and analyse customised reports of their customers’ usage of those services.  It is already in use by nearly 150 libraries and creates significant cost and resource savings for them because they no longer need to collect and collate usage data from each provider individually. It is therefore an excellent example of a maturing shared service which is helping the library community as a whole to respond to current financial challenges.
[Partners: JISC, MIMAS, Cranfield University, EvidenceBase]

Our strategy

Our Libraries support the mission and values of the University, facilitating research, learning, teaching, development and business goals by:

  • Acquiring and managing relevant information resources
  • Providing appropriate methods of access to information to simplify and maximise use
  • Enhancing the student experience by the provision of a high standard of customer service and training
  • Providing  a physical environment appropriate to the requirements of our customers
  • Supporting and developing library staff for the benefit of our customers and the information profession

How our library services helped towards a successful Graduation