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Professor Paul Jeffrey

Professor Paul Jeffrey

Professor of Water Management
Cranfield Water Sciences Institute
School of Energy, Environment and Agrifood (SEEA)
T: +44 (0) 1234 754814

Areas of expertise

Environmental Technology, Environmental Policy and Regulation, Water Science and Engineering

Current Activities

Professor Paul Jeffrey's research interests encompass the development of sustainable water use arrangements and the relationships between human (e.g. socio-cultural, psychological, behavioural, economic), natural (e.g. water quality, environmental) and technological (engineering, technology and infrastructure design) dimensions of water management.

He has contributed to over 100 journal and conference publications in fields as diverse as water resources management, science and society, technology assessment, social justice, and complex systems.

  • Background

    Professor Jeffrey holds a first class honours degree in Science & Society from Middlesex University as well as an MSc in Energy and Environment and a doctorate in Technology Policy from Cranfield. As a post-doc researcher he spent three years studying sustainable development issues at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, returning to Cranfield in 1996.

  • Clients

    Professor Jeffrey's research has attracted over £10m of funding from organisations from across the water sector as well as government departments, charities, and research councils.

  • Publications by date

    Smith HM, Blackstock KL, Wall G & Jeffrey P (2014) River basin management, development planning, and opportunities for debate around limits to growth, Journal of Hydrology, 519 (C) 2624-2631.

    Turner SWD, Marlow D, Ekström M, Rhodes BG, Kularathna U & Jeffrey PJ (2014) Linking climate projections to performance: A yield-based decision scaling assessment of a large urban water resources system, Water Resources Research, 50 (4) 3553-3567.

    Birkholz S, Muro M, Jeffrey P & Smith HM (2014) Rethinking the relationship between flood risk perception and flood management, Science of the Total Environment, 478 12-20.

    Jimenez-Redal R, Parker A & Jeffrey P (2014) Factors influencing the uptake of household water connections in peri-urban Maputo, Mozambique, Utilities Policy, 28 22-27.

    Garcia X, Muro M, Ribas A, Llausàs A, Jeffrey P & Saurí D (2013) Attitudes and behaviours towards water conservation on the Mediterranean coast: the role of socio-demographic and place-attachment factors, Water International, 38 (3) 283-296.

    Ker Rault PA, Vreugdenhil H, Jeffrey P & Slinger JH (2013) Readiness and willingness of the public to participate in integrated water management: some insights from the Levant, Water Policy, 15 (SUPPL.2) 101-120.

    Allan R, Jeffrey P, Clarke M & Pollard S (2013) The impact of regulation, ownership and business culture on managing corporate risk within the water industry, Water Policy, 15 (3) 458-478.

    Spiller M, Mcintosh BS, Seaton RAF & Jeffrey P (2013) Pollution source control by water utilities - characterisation and implications for water management: research results from England and Wales, Water and Environment Journal, 27 (2) 177-186.

    Spiller M, McIntosh BS, Seaton RAF & Jeffrey P (2013) Implementing Pollution Source Control-Learning from the Innovation Process in English and Welsh Water Companies, Water Resources Management, 27 (1) 75-94.

    Yazdani A & Jeffrey P (2012) Robustness and vulnerability analysis of water distribution networks using graph theoretic and complex network principles. In: 12th Annual Conference: Water Distribution Systems Analysis, 2010, Tuscon, AZ, 12.9.2010 - 15.9.2010.

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