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Professor Paul Jeffrey

Professor Paul Jeffrey

Professor of Water Management
Environmental Science and Technology Department
School of Applied Sciences
T: +44 (0) 1234 754814

Areas of expertise

Environment, Environmental Policy and Regulation, Water Science and Engineering

Current Activities

Dr Paul Jeffrey's research interests encompass the development of sustainable water use arrangements and the relationships between human (e.g. socio-cultural, psychological, behavioural, economic), natural (e.g. water quality, environmental) and technological (engineering, technology and infrastructure design) dimensions of water management.

He has contributed to over 100 journal and conference publications in fields as diverse as water resources management, science and society, technology assessment, social justice, and complex systems.

  • Background

    Dr Jeffrey holds a first class honours degree in Science & Society from Middlesex University as well as an MSc in Energy and Environment and a doctorate in Technology Policy from Cranfield. As a post-doc researcher he spent three years studying sustainable development issues at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, returning to Cranfield in 1996.

  • Clients

    Dr Jeffrey's research has attracted over £10m of funding from organisations from across the water sector as well as government departments, charities, and research councils.

  • Publications

    Allan R, Jeffrey P, Clarke M & Pollard S (2013) The impact of regulation, ownership and business culture on managing corporate risk within the water industry, Water Policy, 15 (3) 458-478.

    Muro M & Jeffrey P (2012) Time to Talk? How the Structure of Dialog Processes Shapes Stakeholder Learning in Participatory Water Resources Management, Ecology and Society, 17 (1).

    Yazdani A & Jeffrey P (2012) Water distribution system vulnerability analysis using weighted and directed network models, Water Resources Research, 48 (6).

    Yazdani A & Jeffrey P (2012) Applying network theory to quantify the redundancy and structural robustness of water distribution systems, Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management-Asce, 138 (2) 153-161.

    Roma E & Jeffrey P (2011) Using a diagnostic tool to evaluate the longevity of urban community sanitation systems: A case study from Indonesia, Environment, Development and Sustainability, 13 (4) 807-820.

    Beck MB, Thompson M, Ney S, Gyawali D & Jeffrey P (2011) On governance for re-engineering city infrastructure, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers-Engineering Sustainabilit, 164 (2) 129-142.

    Yazdani, A. and Jeffrey & P (2011) Complex network analysis of water distribution systems, Chaos, 21 016111-01611-10.

    Inman D, Blind M, Ribarova I, Krause A, Roosenschoon O, Kassahun A, Scholten H, Arampatzis G, Abrami G, McIntosh B & Jeffrey P (2011) Perceived effectiveness of environmental decision support systems in participatory planning: Evidence from small groups of end-users, Environmental Modelling & Software, 26 (3) 302-309.

    Pahl-Wostl C, Jeffrey P, Isendahl N & Brugnach M (2011) Maturing the new water management paradigm: progressing from aspiration to practice, Water Resources Management, 25 (3) 837-856.

    Roma E & Jeffrey P (2010) Evaluation of community participation in the implementation of community-based sanitation systems: a case study from Indonesia, Water Science and Technology, 62 (5) 1028-1036.

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