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Dr Matt Qvortrup

Senior Lecturer
Cranfield Defence and Security
T: +44 (0) 1793 785880
E: m.qvortrup@cranfield.ac.uk

Current activities

Matt's current activities include research and consultancies on:

  • comparative constitutional engineering 
  • how to draft and implement constitutions
  • referendums and elections
  • terrorism and comparative politics
  • European politics.


Matt Qvortrup studied politics at Oxford University, and earned his doctorate from Brasenose College in 1999 on a study entitled 'Constitutional Implications of the Use of the Referendum'. He subsequently gained a graduate Diploma from the College of Law. Before joining Cranfield University, Matt taught at the London School of Economics and University College, London.

As a practitioner, Matt was head of the Gun Crime Section in the British Home Office 2002-2003. He was a special envoy for the US State Department in Cyprus 2004-2005 and in the Sudan in 2009.


Clients include:

  • American Bar Association's Rule of Law Programme
  • US State Department
  • BBC
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • European Commission.

Publications by date

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Qvortrup M (2015) Power to the People! But How? The Different Uses of Referendums Around the World, Political Studies Review, 13 (1) 37-45.

Qvortrup M (2015) New development: The courts and multi-level governance-some comparative perspectives on the emerging jurisprudence of the UK Supreme Court, Public Money & Management, 35 (1) 57-61.

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Qvortrup M (2011) Citizen Initiated Referendums (CIRS) in New Zealand: A Comparative Appraisal, Representation, 44 (1) 69-78.

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