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About Cranfield Alumni

Cranfield Alumni consists of all alumni of Cranfield University (there are currently over 50,000 of you) and is responsible for representing your views to the University’s Senior Management.

If you have successfully completed an approved degree course at Cranfield, then you are part of Cranfield Alumni.


Cranfield Alumni can represent you in three main ways:

  • All alumni are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting held on the Cranfield campus. This is an interesting and informative day and a superb opportunity to engage with Cranfield once each year and meet the personalities shaping it. We often put on a lunch, and a tour or exhibition.
  • The President of Convocation (currently Rachel Abercrombie, MSc in Underwater Technology, 1999) sits on the University’s Council to represent all alumni.
  • The Standing Committee comprises representatives from all officially recognised Cranfield alumni associations. It meets annually to discuss and resolve University matters.


The role of Cranfield Alumni is to stimulate the development of effective alumni associations and support the delivery of programmes that will contribute to the personal and professional lives of members and to the reputation and success of the University.

  • Cranfield Alumni as a statutory body

    Cranfield Alumni (formerly known as the Convocation) is one of the four statutory bodies created in Cranfield University’s original 1969 Royal Charter.

    You can view our Charter, Statute, Ordinances, and Standing Orders on the corporate governance page. These outline the detail on the purpose and aims of Cranfield Alumni and how it is run and managed.

    More details about the other three statutory bodies can be found in greater detail on the Senate, Council and Court pages, and are as follows:

    • Senate – comprising senior academic staff, this is the principal academic body, ensuring the academic standards of the University as it evolves and grows.
    • Council – the executive governing body, responsible for the management, finances and administration of the University.
    • Court – representing, through an annual meeting, a diverse constituency ranging from UK professional and academic institutions, through UK industry, to the regional/local community. Court also approves certain key appointments including the ten external members of the Council.
  • Revisions to laws of Cranfield Alumni

    The University is currently consulting all Cranfield University alumni as members of Cranfield Alumni regarding proposed changes to the Statutes and Ordinance of Convocation.

    This is in the context of wider revisions to all of the University’s laws.

    So far, the new Charter and Statutes have been approved by Court and Council. We are pleased to announce that our association will now be known as Cranfield Alumni instead of Convocation.

    We consulted with all alumni about the Ordinances (the detail behind the Charter and Statutes) last year. Ordinance VII refers to Cranfield Alumni, and has been approved by the University’s Council.

  • Cranfield Alumni Data Protection statement

    All information is held securely on the University’s alumni database and will be treated confidentially and with respect in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

    Unless you tell us otherwise, the data may be used for a range of University-led activities, including alumni events and other activities which may be of interest to alumni, fundraising programmes, promotion of Cranfield University courses and other activities, and promotion of benefits that we secure on your behalf. Some of these may involve direct marketing.

    We will collect information from you through Cranfield Alumni Online, supplementing it with our own student records from when you were here.

    You may, at any time, ask us to remove or amend your personal information, or see a copy of what we hold.

    No personal data will be disclosed to any external organisations without your express permission, except under the following circumstances:

    • Personal data may be passed to our international alumni volunteers (who manage alumni groups).  These volunteers may contact you to inform you about group initiatives, events, reunions, and networking opportunities.  You have the right to opt out of communications from the volunteers or change your communication preferences at any time.
    • Statutory reporting requirements placed on the University by the UK government and/or any of its agencies (including but not limited to the Higher Education Survey Agency (HESA) and the UK Border Agency).
    • Requests from employers or education institutions for confirmation of award attainment while you were at Cranfield University, and where the University has taken reasonable steps to ensure their validity. In such circumstances, we will only provide confirmation of details provided to us by the third party, and will be limited to your name, your date of birth, your dates of study, your academic achievements and your date of graduation.

    If you have any queries or complaints to do with data protection for Cranfield Alumni, please contact the Alumni Office .